Background information
Feature films Rock-a-Doodle
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Sandy Duncan
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Kind, sarcastic, brave, conscientious, beautiful, smart, helpful, supportive, polite, educated, encouraging, patient, empathetic, respectful, sweet, protective, even-tempered, extroverted, plucky, efficient, rational, sincere
Appearance Small, thin tan mouse, purple bow, small pink skirt, frilly green bloomers, black and white sneakers, big yellow glasses.
Occupation Farm mouse
Affiliations Good
Goal To help find Chanticleer and save the farm (succeeded)
Home The Farm
Allies Edmond, Patou, Snipes (boyfriend), Chanticleer
Enemies Grand Duke of Owls, Hunch, Pinky
Likes Cheese, Edmond's bravery, driving, her lisp
Dislikes Edmond's cowardly behavior, arguing with Snipes, Snipes' chauvinist views, danger
Powers and abilities
Fate Is seen celebrating with her friends at the farm
Quote "I can do lots of things and I'm a lot smaller than you."

Peepers is the cute and beautiful girlfriend of Snipes and one of the supporting characters in Rock-a-Doodle. She was voiced by Sandy Duncan, who also voiced Vixey from The Fox and the Hound (the last Disney film Don Bluth worked on) and Queen Uberta in The Swan Princess (directed by Richard Rich, the same director of The Fox and the Hound).


Peepers is a mouse. Because of this, she is initially terrified of Edmond, but he tries to convince everyone that he used to be a boy. It is not until the very end of the movie that she believes him and comments "He was a little boy.... oh, he was a handsome little boy..." She has a lisp and very round glasses and is constantly arguing with Snipe's chauvinistic views.

Role in FilmEdit



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