The Don Bluth Wiki is the third of its kind, as the rest have been left unprotected. So, this wiki has been given a strict policy to ensure a safe, legitimate experience for those curious about the work of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

Do not add fan fiction or fan art

This is what happened to the first Don Bluth Wiki when its founder abandoned it. We promise to never let this happen here.

Please contribute to stubs or anything taken from Wikipedia or the Don Bluth Wiki

This wiki needs your professional support to help it look fresh!

Be formal, not opinionated

For example, words like "cute", "pretty" and "beautiful". Use unbiased, descriptive words.

Do not act like you are in charge unless hired as an admin

You can warn people when they are doing something wrong, but do not act like you have the ability to ban them unless you have the administrative permissions to do so.

No foul language or adult content

The work of Don Bluth is family friendly, so do not post anything that may be considered offensive.

Do not attribute to internet reviewers

Big name critics (Roger Ebert) and animation historians (Jerry Beck) are fine, but please do not attribute information or opinions to online reviwers like Nostalgia Critic or AniMat.

Only post information relevant to this wiki's topic

Non-Bluth sequels are fine to add, but only things that Don Bluth or Sullivan Bluth Studios worked on are permitted.

Vandals will be found and banned

This goes for fan fiction (see above), trolling or gibberish.

Do not compare Bluth characters to miscellanous studio characters

The Character infobox does not have an "inspiration" section, and this is why.